Do we need to use the junction boxes provided with your lights ?2020-11-17T07:16:35-05:00

Yes, you need to use the provided junction box with all slim lights.

What is the 500 hours service?2020-11-17T07:16:44-05:00
Service At 500hrs is to be sure to protect your motor by changing the carbon brushes. To be noted that at 500 hours the vacuum will not stop. But if it continues without service, it will burn out the motor if the carbon brushes aren’t changed
When the light will be red it means the carbon brushes will be more than finished and will start degrading the motor.
But before this happen, the orange light will warn you to change the carbon brushes, which you can do easily at home.
Changing the carbon brushes will make your unit good for another 500 hours of use.
Do your vacuum systems need a dedicated breaker ?2020-11-17T07:16:51-05:00

Our central vacuum can be plugged in standard 110-120v electrical Outlet. They work on 15 amps non dedicated breaker.

Reviews on other hose covers mention that they leave a color mark on white woodwork corners.2020-11-17T07:16:57-05:00

No the hose cover will leave no mark on your woodwork corners.

I have a COMPETITOR central vacuum system. Will these accessories be compatible with it?2020-11-17T07:17:06-05:00

The compatibility is mostly with the inlets. If your inlets are 1.5” inner diameter and have 2 low-voltage pins inside, The hose should fit and the on-off should work. But to be 100% sure, we invite you to send us a picture of the inside of your inlets and a picture of you actual unit and installation at service@nadair.com and our customer support will be happy to confirm compatibility for you.

What amp/voltage does the LOW VOLTAGE HOSE work with?2020-11-17T07:17:16-05:00

This kit works with low-voltage. Inside your wall inlets, you must have 2 low-voltage pins in order to have the on-off switch to work

Does the 12″ floor brush work on carpets?2020-11-17T07:17:24-05:00

No, this kit is made for hard surfaces. If you are looking for a kit that cleans rugs, I invite you to look at our Deluxe plus Kit. You can find it but typing the following product number in the amazon search bar: B074HK9G42.

Is the soft start function accomplished by a mechanical clutch or electronically by a circuit in the motor?2020-11-17T07:17:33-05:00

The soft-Start/stop Technology is accomplish form the electronic module of the vacuum.

Is the vacuum compatible with my existing piping?2020-11-17T07:17:41-05:00

Yes, the vacuums are compatible with certified 2’’ standard piping systems F2158.

If the piping network is not a 2” standard piping system, a pipe reducer may be required to adjust to different size pipping.

Is my Hight-voltage hose compatible with a 2 pin valve?2020-11-17T07:19:36-05:00

Yes, Our hoses are compatible with most inlet
and you can order the super valve converter so it can fit in your 2 pin wall valve by contacting us at info@nadair.com or 1 (800) 776-7891.

How can I have a longer hose?2019-07-25T13:57:37-04:00
How can I start my central vacuum2019-07-25T13:49:25-04:00

The on-off switch to start and stop your vacuum is on the hose handle. There is a 3-second delay before the vacuum shut down completely.


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