The OVO Warranty on the central vacuum system & power unit is only valid for the original owner and is non-transferable. The  warranty below only covers parts and includes a 1-year labour warranty. The use of electrical power other than prescribed on the unit and/or any repair(s) made by other than authorized service person will render this warranty null & void. The warranty will also be null & void if the system and/or its accessories have been used on wet surfaces. This warranty is for residen- tial application only; this warranty does not cover commercial or industrial usage of the product.The manufacturer is not responsible to any transportation/freight. Proof of purchase is mandatory and invoice of the installation of the qualified electrician.

The Central Vacuum Power Unit Body – Ten (10 years)
OVO will, for Ten (10) years, repair or replace any defective parts of the central vacuum body, housing & dust bin as long as you own it, if used in normal conditions and properly maintained as stated in the power unit instruction manual.

The Central Vacuum Power Unit’s Motor & Module – Ten (10) years

OVO will repair or replace any defective motor or electronic module of the central vacuum power unit for the first ten (10) years following the purchase date if, used in normal conditions and properly maintained as stated in the power unit instruction manual.

Cleaning tools, carpet brushes and flexible hoses, Two (2) years
The cleaning tools, the carpet brushes and the flexible hoses used adequately and in normal conditions, are warranted for a period of two (2) years, following the original date of purchase, against manufacturing defects.The warranty does not cover the normal wear of bristles, turbines, lamps, belts, carbon brushes and roller bearings from the power brush.

Certain conditions apply: The permanent washable filter should be replaced every 2 years and the disposable bags must be changed a minimum of twice a year. This warranty will cover replacement of a new unit per purschase. Afterward the warranty will cover repairs required.