Heavy Duty Central vacuum (700AW, 35L canister) with Carpet Deluxe Accessories included


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Central vacuum with Carpet Accessories and hard surfaces cleaning tools

  • Heavy Duty central vacuum
  • 700 Air watts
  • 9000 sq.ft
  • 140” suction
  • 65 dB Noise level
  • Electrical Carpet beater (Powerhead)
  • 12” floor brush
  • 30,35 OR 40 Ft Low-voltage hose
  • 2 Adjustable wands ( 1 for the powerhead and one for the floor brush and cleaning tools)
  • Upholstery and dusting brush
  • crevice tool
  • Chrome hose hanger and accessory bag


OVO Heavy Duty Central vacuum with Carpet Accessories and hard surfaces cleaning tools included

Ideal for hard surfaces and carpets / Covers up to 9,000 sq.ft

The OVO Heavy duty central vacuum system Hybrid Filtration System allows you to use your unit with or without disposable bags.

Our triple-layer filtration bags provide additional protection against harmful airborne dust when you empty your canister.

For a better filtration, don’t forget your exhaust hep filter. It act like a muffle but also filters 99.99% of the hair. Click here to purchase

To leave a clean smell in your  local, don’t forget to get your Scent tablet. Click here to purchase

If you are replacing an old system, don’t forget to purchase our flexible pipe to make the installation easier and faster: Click here to purchase

The included accessories with ON/Off High-Voltage Hose with Pigtail, Deluxe 6 Adjustable Height Electric Carpet Beater, 12’’ Premium Floor Brush, Cleaning Tools, and Easy Storage accessories

Perfect kit for hard surfaces and all types of carpets


  • Powered by 5.7 inch 2-stage 700AW flow thru Motor, the OVO Central Vacuum has the suction power to pick up anything.

  • Silent system: OVO vacuums are equipped with noise-reducing technology that allows you to clean your house without disturbing anyone.

  • Longer lifetime: Our soft-start technology adds 20% to the life expectancy of your OVO central vacuum motor (over traditional central vacuums).

  • Hybrid filtration system: The specific shape of the tank creates a cyclonic effect that separates the air from the dust by centrifugal force.

  • WITH OR WITHOUT FILTRATION BAG, it’s up to you. The bags will avoid any contact with dust when emptying the tank.

  • Heavy Duty Central vacuum:  9 000 sq.ft / 8 inlets or more,  / can be installed with eight (8) inlets and more

  • Bottom-loading Canister: Our units are equipped with a rolled steel bottom-load canister for easy removal wherever it is installed.

  • Top Air Intake: The air intake is located at the top of the unit to facilitate connection

  • Compatible with existing piping Network: can be installed on an existing piping network, that is as per ASTM F2158 requirements. (PVC PIPES SOLD SEPARATELY)

  • Flexible pipes (Sold separately) for an easy installation: No need to open walls and change piping.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT, FLEXIBLE, CRUSHPROOF HOSE:  OVO low-voltage hose lets you clean you home thoroughly.

  • Comes in 30’/35’/40’/50′ with ON/OFF switch on the handle

  • 72” PIGTAIL POWER CORD: 72” (6ft) power cord, which can be plugged into a standard 110-120V electrical outlet, to give power to your carpet beater.

  • CAN BE CONVERTED FOR DIRECT CONNECT SYSTEM INLETS: Super valve converter available ( sold separately)

  • Central vacuum with Carpet Accessories is Compatible with most existing inlets:

  • Inlets must have 1.5” inner diameter in order for the hose to fit.

  • To be able to turn your vacuum ON and OFF from the hose handle switch, inlets must have 2 Low-Voltage Pins (metal prongs) inside.

  • DUAL VOLTAGE ON/OFF SWITCH AT THE HANDLE: The dual voltage switch is designed to use electrical carpet beater and low-voltage floor brush and accessories from the same hose.

    1. LEVEL I: Activate the suction only
    2. MIDDLE O: Turn off the central vacuum
    3. LEVEL II: Activate the suction and the electrical carpet beater (powerhead)
  • Crushproof: The crushproof feature of the hose makes it perfect at home with children. When someone steps on it, the hose regains its shape without losing quality and strength.

  • 6 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS CARPET BEATER AND WAND: Our electric carpet beater can be adjusted in 6 different heights. It makes it easy to use on different types of carpet:

    • Area and decorative rugs
    • Long hair carpets
    • Shag carpets
    • Carpeted rooms


    The electrical wand extends from 22.5 inches to 33 inches. Made of steel, this is the perfect choice for a durable and robust product.

  • 12” SUPERIOR FLOOR BRUSH AND WAND: The OVO 12” floor brush features a pivoting neck to reach Hard-To-Vacuum spots! The soft horse hair bristles will never scratch your hardwood floor and will pickup dirt and debris effectively.

  • CLEANING TOOLS INCLUDED: Dusting brush: Delicate and soft on furniture. Upholstery brush : Made of horse hair, this brush is great for delicate surfaces. Crevice tool: To easily clean cracks and crannies.

  • EASY and NEAT STORAGE: Keep your accessories and hose clean and organized – Neat storage in closet or other discrete area. Deluxe Accessory Bag and Chrome hose hanger

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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 35 in
Hose size

30 ft, 35 ft, 40 ft, 50ft

Specification sheet

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « pdf logo » Download The Central Vacuum spec sheet here

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « pdf logo » Download The Carpet Deluxe Attachment kit spec sheet here

Installation Video

User manual

Download The central vacuum user manual hereRésultats de recherche d'images pour « pdf logo »

Download The Carpet Deluxe Accessory kit user manual hereRésultats de recherche d'images pour « pdf logo »


Carpet Deluxe Accessory kit video

Click HERE to view the Carpet Deluxe attachment kit video

Vacuum parts and specification

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